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What's on in Blackpool

Blackpool! Discover a kaleidoscope of possibilities with our “What’s On in Blackpool” guide, designed to enhance your stay in this seaside haven. From iconic landmarks to electrifying shows, sandy shores to lively events, Blackpool has it all.

Things To Do

Blackpool Zoo - Fun for the whole family

Blackpool Zoo: Fun for the whole family

Imagine a place where the majestic roar of lions echoes through lush greenery, where curious meerkats stand sentinel, and where the graceful movements of giraffes paint a serene picture against the horizon. Blackpool Zoo, an enchanting gem amidst the coastal charm of Blackpool, embodies this very essence of wildlife wonder.

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The Magic of the Blackpool Tower

The Magic of The Blackpool Tower

Welcome to the iconic seaside gem of Blackpool, where the heart of entertainment beats beneath the shadow of a historic marvel – The Blackpool Tower. Standing tall against the coastal skyline, this landmark has been a beacon of joy and excitement since its inauguration in 1894.

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The Grand Theatre Sleeping Beauty Show

What's on at The Grand Theatre

The Grand Theatre - the premier venue for shows in Blackpool. Book theatre, musical and other event tickets online.
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What's on at The Winter Gardens

The Winter Gardens - is one of Europe's biggest entertainment complexes. Click to see all upcoming shows and buy event tickets.
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